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[ orderly civlians ] apple ring

(apple ring - granny smith)

i'm listening to my ipod and t-ara's "apple is a" just came on. now, i don't particularly like this song actually. it's ok... i don't hate it either. it's just that t-ara has way better songs out there.

but the t-ara "apple is a" music video reminds me of this apple ring i saw last week that i wanted to share with errrrybody. i LOVE it. the granny smith and red delicious are especially awesome because i love the little gold flecks on them. plus, the rings are oversized and bauble-like. makes me think of snow white and the evil queen. and we all know how much i love fairytales and all that good shtuff~

(clockwise from top left: red delicious ring, mythical variety ring - gold, atomic variety ring -silver, mythical variety necklace - gold)

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