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[ jen mann ] fera series

(fox, oil on canvas, 2009)

i love jen mann's oil paintings. there are certain parts of her work that are so defined (the eyes, definitely, and the other facial features) and then some parts that are almost watercolor-like... wispy, in a way. very interesting approach. i first noticed "for eyes" from her tandem series but her fera series really caught my attention as a whole.

in this series, she seems to focus on humans as part of nature - and on nature as a part of humans. mostly, she concentrates on the innate animalistic quality that can be found in each persons features. "fox" (above) is AMAZING.... look how the eyes just begin to blend into one another. you cant really tell where the girl ends and the fox begins.

what animal do you think she'd paint you as?

clockwise from top left: wolf, bear mountain, our suits, clouds, snow white, owl (all oil on canvas, 2009)

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