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[ 6 picks ] its just those rainy days

its turned into a rainy day outside (not that i can tell from my little beige cubicle world). i guess it's a nice change from the mountains of snow we had this winter (5 ft in one week!). but i don't particularly like rain.

for one, my hair has been out of control ever since chemo and doesn't look smooth/normal on a normal day. mix in rain and we've got a situation on our hands (heads). so thats strike 1.

strike 2 is that i already hate driving but driving in the rain just makes me angry. and i guess its weird cus i actually enjoy "taking a drive" but that term only encompasses driving around non-trafficky areas like 108 near centennial park. not the baltimore washington parkway (aka dumbest "non-highway" on earth). whoever thought it'd be a good idea to make a highway 2 lanes needs to get their brain checked. arghhh!

the last reason i'm less-than-thrilled for rain is that my tires and alignment are already crud because of the snow/ice. of course, its partially my own fault for braving the roads before they were properly ready but i just could NOT stay home any longer than i already had. i needed to get outta the house before i went nuts.being snowed in is only fun when you're with friends or other people your age, i think.

so anyway. i don't always hate rain this much. when it rains in the summer it's not as bad (that is, when my hair isn't short). in any case, i picked six rain-themed picks for today to cheer everyone (and myself) up.

Wifky Rain Ankle Boots: i own these and they are LOVELY
at yesasia

Happy Marshmallow Cloud brooch: brighten up your day
by finestimaginary
Bodkin Stormy Tote Handbag: metallic "lightning" finish
at tenoversix

издетства - digital art: rainy clothesline + long johns = <3
by Annie

Rain Cloud necklace: in silver and concrete! --> so cool
by lulubugjewelry

Bella Pagoda umbrella: love this shape! b/w = fave
by bella umbrella

[ links ]
Wifky Rain Ankle Boots: click
Happy Marshmallow Cloud brooch: click
Bodkin Stormy Tote Handbag: click
издетства - digital art: click
Rain Cloud necklace: click
Bella Pagoda umbrella: click

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