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[ thetimeisnow ] neon scarf is fierce

(neon scarf is fierce)

i was browsing through thetimeisnow's etsy shop and, as soon as i saw this mixed media illustration, i had to share! first of all, i have dorky nerd glasses like that (lens-less, as is best haha). second, i love that the scarf is actually a papercut design. third, i wish my hair was that smooth hahaha.
the scarf color is actually a neon orangey-red - but the artist had some problems getting this color to show up when she took a picture of it with her camera. the picture to the right is the best representation of the color that she could get with her camera. so of course i'd love this illustration - it has neon in it <3 haha

also check out some of her other etsy stuff! she's great at papercutting, which is super impressive to me because i doubt i'd be able to make clean designs that way.

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