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[ 6 picks ] chain me up

lately i've been really getting into necklaces. i'm already hugely into rings (i wear my diamond acrylic ring everyday!). now, necklaces are really starting to catch my eye, too. the simpler the better, i say! i started wearing a strand of pearls most days. but, before, i wore my tiffany's necklace (with the two tiny heart pendants... sorta similar to this) for six months straight almost!

i've gotten together a list of necklaces that i thought were relatively simple (aka every-day necklaces) but unique.

bunny necklace: cute porcelain glazed bunnies
by me me me
[ i'm year of the bunny 1987 so i'd totally get this in white ]

eugene: pink & white stone with pinwheels
by stone&honey
[ this mineral+technology necklace pops ]

baby skull necklace: 14K gold
by michellechangjewelry
[ too precious! look how tiny and delicate it is!! ]

english ring wish duo: duo-toned diamond ring necklaces
by juicy couture
[ these pendants look so simplified and darling ]

lace bib necklace: lace with a bit of an edge
at a+r store
[ of course i love this because i love neon yellow EVERYTHING ]

bonsoir necklace: antique silver bicycle
by obey
[ i love the way the chain wraps around the bike ]

[ links ]
bunny necklace: click
eugene: click 
baby skull necklace: click
english ring wish duo: click 
lace bib necklace: click
bonsoir necklace: click

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