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[aiaiai ] tracks headphones w/ mic

lately i've been kinda wanting forreal headphones (not the earbuds i have now). i have a tragus piercing on the right and i can actually only put one of the earbuds in on the left so i prob should just get some forreal headphones. its just that earbuds are so convenient - besides the tragus piercing thing. i donno, i think for when i'm at work and at home and on an airplane - basically anything except walking down the street, i'd rather have headphones though. and maybe even walking down the street, i donno!

so because of my in-the-back-of-my-head headphone search, im always noticing headphones. the problem is, i look solely at aesthetics because i have no idea what makes a good headphone...s. in any case, these track headphones by aiaiai look delightful. and kinda yummy too.

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