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[ suh do-ho ] home within home

(home within home - prototype, 2009)

when i studied abroad at ewha womans university in 2008, i took a korean aesthetics class - which fulfilled my major (studio art/design) and minor (korean studies). for one of our assignments, we were told to visit the lee um museum of art to see some of the pieces we discussed during class.

i particularly remember seeing suh do-ho's work and being mesmerized by how different his styles were. he has two distinct styles: the light and airy architectural spaces he creates to represent the blurred boundaries between individual and society; and the more sturdy, military-driven pieces that explore the fine line between strength in numbers and homogeneity.

suh studied oriental painting (or traditional korean painting) at seoul national university before moving to the US and pursuing his BFA in painting at RISD. after, he got his MFA in sculpture from yale. suh represented korea at the 49th venice biennale in 2001

the above piece is newer. though it follows the theme of his latest (more architectural) work, it moves his work in a new direction since the piece is made of photo-sensitive resin rather than the usual fabric/textiles he had been using.

i've also included some of the pieces (below) that i was lucky enough to see in person when i visited the lee um museum in 2008. his piece some/one was extremely fascinating, entirely made up of military dog tags. like all his work, this peice was best seen in person because it's fine detailing makes seeing the piece an experience in itself.

(some/one, 2001)

(karma, 2003)

(staircase series, 2003)

(reflections series, 2004)

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