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[ 6 picks ] love me, love my dog

i love dogs! my dog suzzy is a plump bichon frise and i take pictures of her every five seconds. i think its adorable how every dog has a different personality. a lot of my friends even say suzzy acts and seems like a little mini human hahah. so in honor of suze, i've compiled a list of six cool dog art and design pieces!
Hi-Fido: ceramic speakers
by matteo cibic
Wolf Babushka: family set of four
at supermarket sarah
French Bulldog Necklace: sterling silver
by fleathers

I Heart Various Things: bulldog in hoodie
by retrowhale

Dog Lamp: adjustable lamp
by chaiyut plypetch

Chenille Dog Ornaments: w/ victorian paper scraps
by Old World Primitives

[ links ]
Hi-Fido: click
Wolf Babushka: click
French Bulldog Necklace: click
I Heart Various Things: click
Dog Lamp: click
Chenille Dog Ornament: click

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