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(blag, cartoon)

the other day i was having dinner with a bunch of friends and we started reminiscing about our favorite childhood cartoons, like doug and rugrats. and the more trippy/crazy ones like rocko's modern life and ren & stimpy. so, today, when i spotted pat kain's cartoons (over at edibles & soot), it made me think of a "cuter version" of ren & stimpy. i don't know why, since the drawing style is different. maybe it's the subject-matter?

i thot the "blag" cartoon above was especially funny. the colors are all cute and light and the dude is barfing!

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Sahar! You has a blog? Why didn't I know? God, I'm so internet-lame. Anyways, yeah, was definitely a little afraid of Ren and Stimpy when I was young. But I loved me some Doug (until he went to college or whatever) and Rugrats :)