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[ 6 picks ] in the navy

the other night me and a couple friends hit up annapolis restaurant week. we grabbed dinner at severn inn and fell in love. surprisingly, it's not in downtown annapolis, where i'm used to hanging out when i trek out to annapolis. it was a little tucked away, and on the water. and the food was delightful.

being back in annapolis was super nostalgic. we used to go to naval academy and visit our friends there all the time. a lot has changed in annaplis since then - most of our friends graduated and are off doing great things all over the world.... ninja cafe is closed :( .... and i think, as a person, i've definitely changed since those days. but i do love going to annapolis still. brings back lovely memories.

here are six "nautical" things i thought i'd share!

 hey sailor: ladies t-shirt
by emandsprout
[ i love the graphic-ly cuteness of this shirt ]

sun curl: wave photography
by clark little
[ these photos are amazing!! he captures the moment for sure ]

3D ghost ship: antiqued silver necklace
by han cholo
[ love the detail in this piece... the "sails" are chains!! ]

 green sea: ocean waves illustration
by anikamari
[ the waves are so nicely textured. yum! ]

petite i'm all arms: vintage-inspired ring
by schmutzerland
[ i think octopus' are cute, weirdly ]

reverse mermaid: anchors away
by shamelessdesignrocks
[ reminds me of that one family guy episode! LOVE it hahaha ]
[ link ]
hey sailor: click
clark little photography: click
3D ghost ship: click
green sea: click
petite i'm all arms: click
reverse mermaid: click

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