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[ lacoste x genevieve gauckler ] t-shirt

ok so me and my moomy are the annoying aunties that keep buying stuff for olicakes (sorry autumnus). seriously, we have a problem. i literally went to annapolis mall for work the other day - not usually where i work - and there were all these stores that we don't have at our mall. and i managed to literally shop at the one location that was for babbies. LITRELL. so yeah. autumnus. expect a package in the mail soon -_______- hahaha.

ok so disclaimer, i didn't buy this for olicakes but when david BB showed it to me, i seriously wanted to see olicakes rocking one of these. awesome collaboration between lacoste and genevieve gauckler. the lacoste crocodile looks dinosaur-ish to me, so - honestly - i thought of autumnus before i realized these were kid's tees.

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