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[ beatrice de guigne ] barbie & ken wedding

this year is jam-packed w/ weddings. back to back to back! i literally have FOUR weddings to go to starting in july and ending sometime in the winter. and they're ALL not-in-maryland. the first two are in cali (congrats taemo oppz & michelle, sammie & d-unit <3). the third is in mexico (congrats to farisa joonam & sal <3). and last but not least, korea (congrats to ed oppz & kylie <3). so yeah, weddings everywhere! no one else is allowed to get married in 2012 though, OK?! hahaha

in any case, in honor of this upcoming year of weddings, here's barbie & ken's glamorous wedding, photographed by real-life wedding photographer beatrice de guigne. i pretty much lol'ed and died when i saw this cus it was so well done!

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barbie & ken wedding: click
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