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[ 6 picks ] turquoise & gold

it's january but the weather still hasn't made up its mind which season it wants to be. rainy in the high 50s one day, sunny and 28 the next, snowing and 30 another day. i don't even know what i'm supposed to be wearing half the time w/ the weather all crazy like this!

makes me long for a warm early spring day, foggy mornings and golden rays of sunlight peeking through the trees. when it's still sorta cool out and the air has a blue tinge to it almost. which is probably why i've been attracted to lots of blue/yellow art/design pieces lately. so i gathered them up and put em here for you~

bazaar: screenprinted pillow
at kokotrend
[ delightful graphic detail & color combos ] 

desert flower: photography series
by chrystel plischke-livolsi
[ amazing art direction, the makeup/hair/clothes/everything! ]

mosca: painting
by guim tio
[ finally get to share his work, it's super interesting! textural but flat ]

valencia cuff: brass and verdigris bracelet
by we dream in colour
[ makes me think of pointillism ]

spring 2012: collection
by thakoon
[ see, thakoon agrees that a turquoisey/gold combo = spring! ]

voice: illustration
by dilka bear
[ her characters are all very detached, prim, proper. fairytale-like & odd ]

[ links ]
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