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[ giantmicrobes ] sore throat (streptococcus)

a couple wks ago (i think? my sense of time has gone OUT the window ever since thanksgiving!) i got flu-like sick kinda. my entire body ached so bad, even my skin was aching! and i had the chills and my throat was scratchy and i was feeling SO cruddy. no energy at ALL. it only lasted for one night but THEN i lost my voice. and i mean lost as in literally inaudible. people couldn't hear me on the phone and i spent an entire day not speaking at all. and then i'm pretty sure yimbo got the same thing (sorry chingoo) cus we met up right before he went to korea and we had the exact same voice *croak*

i'm better now but i bet if i had something as cute as these giant microbes plushies, i wouldn't have felt so bad about my cold. or. i would've punched the hell outta the plushie as payback (well, it makes sense in my head).

via silvy umma gom's twitter!

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