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[ cat rabbit ] feathered necklace

just had a FEAST at cuba de ayer with ita-ita. which reminds me, i must write a yelp review on them. ita-ita and i go there on catch-up-dates every few weeks/months and get the same things: yuca frita, ropa vieja, masitas de puerco, flan, tres leches, cafe con leche. ALWAYS. today we did mojitos but when we don't do that, i do jupina. m'mm.

anyway i'm stuffed and i just wanna sit around like a blob and crochet some scarves. i'm getting really nervous that i won't finish them in time for xmas. cus its TWO WEEKS AWAY (WHAAAT). so this entry is gonna be short, sweet, and wondrous. like tres leches.

been loving this necklace by cat rabbit for a long while (since may 5th no joke). but just today saw the adorable "menagerie" of plushies too. is it wrong that i'm blogging about plushies two days in a row? I DONT CARE. cus i'm five.

burp. pardon me.

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