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[ rotae lupin ] we go to a school in scotland. you've probably never heard of it

can you believe it's already october 17th?! cus i canNOT believe that. time is flyyyyying. but it's good. this year, for all of its very lows and very highs, is moving along at a rapid pace that i kind of like. i feel like 2009 and 2010 were just sooooo sloooooow. in any case, i have like....... 2 wks to make my halloween costume. and btw... WHAT ARE WE DOING OCT 29TH?! so YEAH. i need to find something fun to do.

i don't wanna give away my halloween costume just yet (though twittees already may have seen me tweet about it). i WON'T be a hogwarts student this year though. i've dressed up as a gryffindor way too many times (only one of them was actually even for halloween) so i think i've overplayed that one a bit much for the time being hahaha. but if i do ever dress up as a hogwarts student again - which is inevitable, as i will probably be going to the wizarding world of harry potter again sometime in the near future - i'm going for a hipster hogwarts student look. like this digital art series by rotae lupin. very fun.

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we go to school in scotland. you've probabaly never heard of it: click
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