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[ aruliden ] fishscape

me and jen unnz went to 찜질방 (jjim jil bang) today. and we legit spent freakin 5 hours there. it was awesome. i think i washed my hair a total of 10 times while i was there hahaha. and we got our skin scrubbed all fresh and clean. and sweated in the sauna. and ate dericious food. and drank shikhye. now that there's a jjim jil only 25 min from my house, we pretty much decided it needs to be a monthly trip. i also decided we should somehow build a bathhouse in the basement hahaha i wish.

i love this fishscape fish bowl by aruliden. simplicity in design is always the best. and this is beautifully simple. no need for decorative marbles, stones, or treasure chests - this fishbowl is a decoration on its own.

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