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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the snake

snakes are always known to be "evil" things. but really, i think snakes are cute sometimes. benjo has a kajillion of them in his apartment in san fran and i got to hold some of them! the boas were the friendly ones. the things that actually creeped me out in benjo's room were the scorpions (ugh) and then tarantula (ughh)~ but not the snakes!

only two more left in the chinese zodiac 6 picks series. and today, i've got 6 slithering snakes for you.

snake-y scarf: hand-knitted w/ beads for eyes
by shana logic
[ great color choice, this is adorable! ]

snakebite: illustration
by julie morstad
[ THIS IS AMAZING. i love her work ]

tumbling table: snake - firm foam
by bObles
[ a fun play-all for kids - table, slide, fort ]
snake spine: bracelet
by black oak jewelry
[ the shape and the three "fangs" at the end make this a bit unsettling, no? ]

paper vipers of inequity: collage quilt square
by dan funderburgh
[ the papercutting is immaculate! ]

wallet: poketo illustration contest
by eirian chapman
[ fun colors and a great aesthetic! ]

[ links ]
snake-y scarf: click
snakebite: click
tumbling table: click
snake spine: click
paper vipers of inequity: click
wallet: click

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