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[ claire hummel ] historical disney princesses

i know i know, i keeeeeeep blogging about disney princesses. but i cant help it when there are so many GREAT (re)interpretations of them. and LA-based illustrator claire hummel really studied up on what these ladies would be wearing had the disney movies been going for historical accuracy (fyi, they obviously werent hahaha). what a fun concept!

my favourite reinterpretations are belle (above), pocahontas (below). belle's look is SO very french aristocracy circa the late 1700s. and pocahontas seriously just looks FIERCE!

slight peeve for me was jasmine's look. hummel tuned into persian art so i obviously love that since i'm iranian. howeverrrr, this doesn't FULLY work, since princess jasmine is supposed to be arabian and persians are NOT arabs (common mistake but still). but whatever, i do like her jacket. im also a bit sad about the little mermaid but theres no helping that one, as she wasnt really... a human. so there wouldn't have been a good way to depict her fashion in a historical sense except when she was in human form. i do wish, however, that we could see mulan, anastasia, and the newest disney princess tiana (from the princess & the frog) in this series too! and, of course, everyone would like to see the disney villains ^^b

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