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[ 6 picks ] naturally a disaster

in case you arent aware, or don't live in the DC metropolitan area, we have been going through natural disaster after natural disaster over here. started with the earthquake (5.8), centered in VA. of course, the californians wanted to act like this was the tiniest little earthquake on the planet and we were overreacting. uhm. yeah, overreacting to something we're not used to. like when californians get an inch of snow and freak out. yes. like that.

then we were hit with hurricane old lady irene. my smart idea was to take a bus up to NYC that friday afternoon - you know, when the hurricane was supposed to hit the mid-atlantic and northeast saturday/sunday. smart. i stayed out all friday night and played, before heading down to MD on the 6:30am bus. failed trip, but fun nonetheless! we all survived the hurricane and i somehow didn't even lose power (thank you, BGE in columbia).

but then, alas. a two week long thunderstorm in the form of tropical storm lee. such severe flooding in our area that historic ellicott city was knee deep in water. and my closet was flooding wtf yay. again, during all of this, me and jen unnz and richie rich decided to go for a leisurely drive down to college park. we crajee.

and that, my friends, is where this 6 picks has come from. all picks inspired by all three of these naturally disastrous events.

wind: textile-inspired illustration
by alli coate
[ i definitely felt like this guy... wed. even felt like cold wet autumn outside ] 

paper boats: photography series
by victor eredel
[ i want to jump into one of these and float away ]

rain storm: stacked bangle set
by dr craze
[ customizable and can be worn all together or separate ]

concrete landscape no.2: mixed media and digital manipulation
by jaqueline maldonado
[ the grittiness and fissures/cracks + color choice are perfect. graffiti-like ]

twisted stripes: turquoise clutch
by adela coc
[ this just looks like sheets of water to me ]

not enough wind: photography series
by omar ahmed
[ sun at the end of a storm? we have sun today!!!! FINALLY ]

[ links ]
wind: click
paper boats: click
rain storm: click
concrete landscape no.2: click
twisted stripes: click
not enough wind: click

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