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[ waterrose ] umbrella man

the last couple days have been very odd weather-wise. super blindingly sunny one minute and then pouring down buckets and buckets of rain the next. right now, looking out of my window, i see blue sky on one side and menacing clouds on the other. oh the joys of living in maryland.

this entire piece is 100% hand-embroidered by embroidery artist waterrose. she has started experimenting with more 3D pieces and OMG is this not amazing?! the face has so much dimension (as does the whole piece). and the style is very reminiscent of scientific drawings in the early 1900s. very cool! again, if i had my own home (somedayyyy), i would love to have something like this to hang in the hallway. its just so different.

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Waterrose said...

Thanks so much for featuring my work. I loved creating that piece and really enjoyed collaborating with my husband, who did the frame. Love your appealing!

hoganfe said...

This is a stunning creation - I love Waterrose's designs!