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[ lee sang jin ] bookmark lamp

i'm a pretty frequent (and extremely fast) reader. as you probably already know, i LOVE the harry potter series. but i've always been really into reading, so there are tons of other books that i can reread over and over. and i'm constantly on the prowl for the next good read. in fact, i just recently read water for elephants, which - surprisingly - i hadn't even heard of until the movie came out. the book was just amazing, i read it in 4 hours from my flight to md from northern cali. so anyways, if you know of any awesome books, lemme know! i wanttttt!

for those books that are too long to read in one sitting, or if you don't have 4+ hours to spare in order to finish it in one go, this bookmark lamp is PERFECT. well i guess perfect if you're planning on reading in the same place and not travel with your book. but either way, i think this is genius. way to go, lee sang jin!

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