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[ 6 picks ] chinese zodiac - the dog

and now it's time for another chinese zodiac 6 picks. this time, the dog!

i LOVE dogs. if i lived on a farm (or, ya know, a home with a vast amount of land), i would LITERALLY have as many dogs as i could. but, for now, its just me and my jellybean suzzy. in fact, i'm gonna have to ask that everyone watch this video of her being adorable (pardon my baby talk voice) before reading the rest of this blog entry. seriously. do it.

by beyond closet
[ looks slightly vintage in its stylization ]

happy hot dog coaster: acrylic, set of 3 heads, 3 tails
by naked decor
[ fun way to keep your tables water-ring free ]

stella stars and stripes: fashion illustration
by paule trudel-bellemare
[ im really loving tattoos these days ]

jumping dog: gold pendant
by keren asaf
[ its very odd but i like how its so different ]

abby's dream: living cities series, illustration
by brandy masch
[ check out the rest of the series too! very interesting ]

no fair: bookend
at modcloth
[ these balloon animal dogs can hold the door too ]

[ links ]
military dog p men to men t: click
happy hot dog coaster: click
stella stars and stripes: click
jumping dog: click
abby's dream: click
no fair: click

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