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[ bryan keith lanier ] man o' war

man o' war | 2010

if you didn't already know, i was am completely obsessed with pirates of the caribbean. specifically cap'n jack sparrow, savvy? in 2003, the summer after 10th grade, i watched the first pirates of the caribbean movie 7x in theaters. [not kidding.] then in january of 2004, when the dvd came out, i watched it everyday for a month. it got to the point that i knew every single line of the movie by heart. i'm a manic movie-watcher, but even i know that was a bit much.

anyways, fast forward to yesterday. me, dubz, and jasong went to go see the newest (fourth) pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides. i've been dying to see it cus - duh - i'm obsessed. but ALSO. this one has MERMAIDS. [my favourite disney movie as a kid was the little mermaid.]

so, we get there, purchase tickets, sit DOWN in the theater. and the movie's messed up. we're watching it in 3D and the 3D isnt working and everythings sorta... shakey. so they give us free movie tickets for our trouble while they try to sort out the problem. no can do. the projector's broken or something. jasong gets them to give us ANOTHER free movie ticket. and away we go. with 6 free movie tickets between the 3 of us.

story in a nutshell: we still have not seen pirates of the caribbean 4. so in the meantime, here are some paintings that make me think of pirates. sea monsters. and otherworldly situations. the cool thing, in my opinion, is that artist bryan keith lanier uses acrylic, papier-mâché, glitter, canvas, wood, epoxy in his work. mixed media ftw! my favourite pieces? man o' war (jellyfeesh!) and rogue waves.

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