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[ 6 picks ] tie it all together

i went to cache the other day cus everything in the store was 25% off. and, if you know me, you know i can't resist a sale. or shopping... in general. so i bought this little black dress. and i don't really know whyyy i bought it, since i don't really go anywhere dressy. but now i wanna go somewhere dressy so i'll have a reason to wear my new dressss!

and speaking of dressing up, i've got 6 necktie-inspired picks today! and i think really they're fun and inventive~

how tie: silk twill tie
by dima komissarov
[ i still donno how to tie a tie so this is preeeetty helpful ]

tie clock: repurposed ties
by umbra
[ good way to recycle vintage ties! ]

at modcloth
[ this is quirky and classic all at once ]

bacon: screenprinted microfiber necktie
by toybreaker
[ uhm i'm about to open a 삼겹살/samgyupsal restaurant & make the wait-staff wear these ]

by nocda
[ i bought one of these over the summer over at a*land! lovee it ]

tie watches: custom-made
by neves
[ it reminds me of the men's build-a-watch i got at fossil ]

[ links ]
how tie: click
tie clock: click
vintage double windsor dress: click
bacon: click
vintage tie ribbon hairband: click
tie watches: click

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