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[ atipo ] fontface

sorry for being MIA again! things have been hectic lately, to say the least. i'm having surgery (boo) on the 31st (thursday) so i'll be in the hospital for a couple days. i dont think i wanna take my computer cus i feel like hopkins is dirty and gross and someone will steal it or eat it or something. sooo i'll probably be bored. i think i'm going to take all the harry potter books. and start from the first and make my way through the last. i'm sure i won't finish it all in 2-3 days soo that should keep me busy, yeah?

anyway, after the surgery, i'll be stuck at home for a bit. again, bored. so i'll have lots of time to share the lots of blogging i have for you all. yayyy!

for now though, can i just say.... these FONTFACES are so perfect. i just love that they are literally....font...faces. ahhh! kudos to spanish design firm atipo for the project!

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