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[ chronicles of never ] wood feeds fire

it's a whopping 64 degrees out today! i donno HOW this happened, but i guess i can't complain. EXCEPT that stinkbugs might infest our lives again. i seriously hate them so i'm finding it hard to be excited about the warm-up. ok but i'm veering off-topic here.

now that the sun's all shining and the weather's all warm, i'm gonna REALLY need me some sunglasses. and these, that i saw in my thrillist email today, are super FUN. they're just so simple/odd. the only thing is, sunglasses don't really fit my face too well. i usually need some that curve so i probably wouldn't be able to rock these T__T but i just love the way they look!

ya kno... i feel like GD&TOP would could rock some of these, though.

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