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[ 6 picks ] will you be my heart-receiver?

or, ya kno, my valentine.

not that i ever really celebrated valentine's day, to be honest. i think the ONLY time i had a legit valentine was freshman year of high school. i got a rose. other than that, can't remember dating someone during vday, ever. shrugggg! i'm much more a black day kind of gal, i guess. hahaha. 짜장면 (jja jang myun) anyone?

in any case, i feel obligated and compelled to share some hearty vday picks. enjoy!

lovemonster: 5x7" print
by laura george
[ he's a happy monster man with a big old heart ]

heartbeat: sterling silver anatomical heart earrings
by melanie favreau
[ they look like little robot hearts... quite gadget-y ]

heart break-out: limited edition print
by dora drimalas

strong_heart: hoodie
by the shirts
[ unisex hoodie aka couple hoodies hahah ]

love devil: fluffel plush
by mariska
[ and you can get custom text embroidered on the tail~ ]

by me and zena
[ theres a fine line b/w love & hate ]

[ links ]
lovemonster: click
heartbeat earrings: click
heart break-out: click
strong_heart hoodie: click
love&hate necklace: click

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