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[ disney ] pookalooz

me and jen unnz just returned from our trip to orlando to go to the wizarding world of harry potter as well as disneyworld. it was pretty much the BEST trip ever. i havent gone on a real "vacation" (with a hotel and whatnot) in quite some time. so it was nice to get away. plus, i've been DYING to go to the wizarding world of harry potter since it opened on june 18th this past year (yes, i remember the date, it was 2 days AFTER i traveled to seoul from the states). but let me just give you guys a heads up ~ if you ever wanna go to either theme park, DEFINITELY go in the middle of january if you can. the longest "wait time" we experienced at the harry potter theme park? 30 minutes for the most popular (and AMAZING) ride: harry potter's forbidden journey. the longest "wait time" at disneyworld. i'd say 45 minutes, tops. perfection!!

so, of course we had to hit up the many souvenier and gift shops in both theme parks. i bought a fluffy the three-headed dog stuffed animal in the harry potter theme park. but the real winner in the plushie department has to be the new(er) disney pookalooz. they're a modern spin on classic disney characters. minimalistic and "graphic," they are SO cute. i bought three. so did jen unnz. and after researching online, there are like.... 5 more i want to buy as well.

MOSTLY im really sad they didn't have the oogie boogie man from the nightmare before christmas in stock. and i can't find it online anywhere. definitely a favorite. dang it.

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