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[ 6 picks ] lace em up tight

its been FOREVER since i've blogged. so here i FINALLY am, ready to share a 6 picks that has been sitting here on my computer ready to go for...a month. and i was just too lazy/tired to share it. sowie!!

but here i am now, ready to share with you some lacey picks. cus lace is always claaaassy.

grandmother: gouache on paper
by katy horan
[ i love the otherworldly quality of her work ]

like lace: necklace
by sarah keyes
[ acrylic jewelry never fails to be fun ]

baltimore mapcut: hand cut map, bristol paper
by studiokmo
[ these papercuts are SO intricate... i'd want a seoul one ]

lace study one: digital print
by elly nelly
[ delightful colors and graceful design ]

black and white lace: fruit bowl
by isabelle abramson
[ her handmade ceramic bowls/vases are beautiful ]

re-trouvé: chairs/tables
by emu
[ looks great in all the different colors too! ]

[ links ]
grandmother: click
like lace: click
baltimore mapcut: click
lace study one: click
black and white lace: click

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