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[ vera brosgol & jenn kluska ] snow-bo

it's starting to get suuuuper cold out. in fact, it was 30 degrees last night or something! if the weather had been a bit different, we could've had a flurry or two. apparently, however, it's already snowed in seoul!!! can't believe i still haven't had a proper seoul winter. sigh, i want to go experience all the cutesy-ness! ice sculptures and christmas decorations and coupley things that i wouldn't be able to enjoy since i'm not in a couple but i'd make jen unnz go with me so it'd be fun anyway. then again, from what i remember in feb 2008, the days it snowed meant days you were likely to fall on your bum --- they don't ice down sidewalks in seoul. argh.

this is a video i tweeted about awhile back but wanted to wait to share until the weather got a bit colder. and today's the day! it's so.... delightfully shocking. and the music is so happy-go-lucky... making the ending that much more effective.

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