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[ 6 picks ] got milk?

i've been trying to remember to drink a glass of milk everyday. my mom got me into the habit of drinking a glass of milk every day when i was young. so, i've been trying to recapture that. since milk is good for you. and, honestly, i love milk! for some reason, it's one of the only drinks i can chug (that and tea). weird, i know. i can't chug water. unless its fizzy sparkling water.

so here are my 6 picks for all things milk-related!

by ryu
[ shown with the at the marina jacket ]

by tea and ceremony
[ very adorkable and graphic ]

butter stool: made of recycled milk containers
by designbythem
[ yay for recycled materials! ]

milk bottle: ceramic
by teaspoon vintage
[ love the old school idea of serving milk in a ceramic container ]

by philosophy
[ omg philosophy's shower gels are SO YUM-smelling ]

little milk jug: white china necklace
by maria allen
[ these are so leetle and cute!!! ]

[ links ]
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english breakfast: click
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strawberry milkshake: click
little milk jug: click

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