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[ prismatic therapy ] pocketed tees

upon learning that i am to be hired by aveda, i had to rummage through my wardrobe to find black clothes. cus it's an all-black clothes kind of gig. and sadly, i'm not an all-black-wearing kind of gal. if you see me, you know i'm happy with weird patterns and colors (oh neons, my favorite) and crazy colored shoes. thankfully the crazy colored shoes are allowed. the black clothes i had a bit of trouble with. and that's one reason i really did have to shop (for once it was a true must!). i picked up a few black tops, two of which are long tees i can wear w/ leggings... and one of those has a pocket. and i love pockets!

if only it had as cool a pocket as the above shirts by prismatic therapy. how fun they are! i wish they'd do an entire 50 states series. i'd pick up a maryland tee, where the top of our beloved state was a pocket. i loved the fox and the banana above. and i had to share the shirts below, even though they are pocket-less. there's also lots more on their site, so be sure to check it out!

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