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[ 6 picks ] the balls were live hedgehogs, the mallets live flamingoes

you must know that the blog entry title is referring to alice in wonderland and the queen's odd game of croquet. hehe, i couldn't resist.

anywho, i decided to do a hedgehog six picks awhile ago, because of my love for sonic the hedgehog. but i hadn't gotten all the pieces together til today!

inside out hedgehog: felt plushie
by jolee co.
[ wait...omg this is so fun! ]

hedgehog nail brush: in brown, red, and blue
at urban outfitters
[ it comes in a blind box so you don't know which color you'll get! ]

modern baby hedgehog clock: comes in other animals
by decoylab
[ the hedgehog is cutest, methinks! ]

sonic and tails: illustration
by matt saunders
[ i used to like being tails though >< hahaha ]

birthday card hedgehogs: letterpress printed
by luckybeepress
[ these leetle guys are quite adorable. i love letterpress! ]

hedgehog family: children's mobile
[ known for their whimsy, these are delightful + simple ]

[ links ]
inside out hedgehog: click
hedgehog nail brush: click
modern baby hedgehog clock: click
sonic and tails: click
birthday card hedgehogs: click
hedgehog family mobile: click

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