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[ 6 picks ] you spin my head right round

i feel like i'm running around in circles these days. i have no idea what direction i'm trying to go in... and with all the running i still end up in the same place. aka the place of "what am i doing with my life?" the ultimate unanswered question.

with all this circling around i'm doing, i couldn't resist a circle-y 6 picks. {jen unnz, beware - there are a few clustered circles coming up.}

la recette de l'amour fou(krankung): 3D installation
by namjoo woo
[ her work centers around her obsession w/ childhood objects ]

black flower dinner plate: plate 7
by kathleen hills
 [ these would be fun to serve macarons/cookies/cake on ]

felt necklace: in blue
by marmalade park
[ the colors are SO vibrant!!! ]

thistle: pen and ink on paper
by yellena james
[ the illustrations are so very fluid~ ]

seed lamp #2: 3D printed lamp
by nervous system
[ this TOTALLY looks like a brain haha ]

dotrandom: laser cut leather cuff
by colin francis
[ love the colors and simplicity ]

[ links ]
la recette de l'amour fou(krankung): click
black flower dinner plate: click
felt necklace: click
thistle: click
seed lamp #2: click
dotrandom: click

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