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[ 6 picks ] what's yo name, delicate?

anyone remember the "can i have your number?" mad tv sketch?? darrell asks for this girl yvonne's phone number at a movie theater. and he calls her "delicate" - among other nicknames such as grace kelly, gene shalit, "my lil cwoissant," and "my lil brie." hahaha. unnz showed me and sharonian this when we got to korea in 2008 and it still makes it's way into random convos. too funny~

so today's 6 picks is featuring things of a delicate nature ~ whether it be because of color or construction or form or 느낌/neu-kkim (aka the feeling you get from something).
by igor+andré
[ omgggg, its just so damn delightful!!! *inspired* ]

by starpompon
[ hahaha GRACE KELLY! anyway, this is claaaassy! i want! ]

untitled: painting
by ramis kim
[ two little girls are caught up in this dreamily undefined world ]

cord-chair: made of wood
collaboration by nendo x maruni
[ each leg is only 15mm in diameter!!! CRAZY! ]

arianna lace necklace: nude pink lace
by whiteowl
[ awesome cus it can be dressed up or dressed down ]

roza: floor lamp
by dan piršč
[ the colors/shapes are so classic, w/ a modern twist ]

[ links ]
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roza floor lamp: click

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