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[ myPetsQuare ] boat dress

summer is slipping away and, honestly, i'm happy for it to be FALL already. fall is my favorite season by far, with winter being my second favorite. i'm just not a fan of hot weather. especially hot & humid weather, which is the basis of a maryland summer, unfortunately.

these designs by myPetsQuare are summery but still perfect for fall. i love the color palette! the boat dress caught my eye because its so... different? but i'd wear it with my brown suede/leather riding boots, and a cropped blazer... in navy. with silk striped lining. and off-white pearls. ok, i'm thinking about this too much for someone who doesn't own the dress. haha. but i do quite enjoy a bit of whimsy - and that's what you get with these pieces!

i'd take any of these designs! loveeee them all. the pink = adorable!

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