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[ be • fore • % ] fish juice chillin' birthday card

like i mentioned before, it was dubz's birthday yesterday. and we ate some dericious food at iron bridge wine co. (one of my favorite restaurants in the area... if not my absolute favorite). since i got to give dubz his birfday presents and birfday card (above), i get to share it w/ u today! yayy! there are a few other cards i also designed that i'll share later on - once the ppl i'm sending them to have received them.

remember 노량진/noryangjin? i blogged about the fish market before. well, this card is based on our outing there. and i won't say anymore hahaha.

sidenote: i figured i'd start posting my design/art work on society 6 - under the "studio name" be • fore • %. it's a play on my callme4percent blog name.


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