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[ erwin olaf ] hotel moscow - emily portrait

hotel moscow - emily portrait

i went on a magazine-buying binge the other day. i loveeeee korean magazines. (i know i've said it before but gosh darn it, i really do love them!) i went to the kyobo bookstore in ewha and grabbed elle korea, vogue korea, dazed & confused... all fashion mags. but i also picked up monthly art magazine or 월간미술. it's full of contemporary korean artists, as well as various exhibitions going on right now. which i'm going to try to hit up this coming week!

while flipping through the magazine, i came across one of erwin olaf's photographs (hotel paris - feline portrait, below) and i had to look him up. all of his work has a similar iciness to it. like the subjects are frozen, emotionless, statues. his hotel series conceptually reminds me of grace kim's love hotel series in that it focuses on hotels as a place where lovers meet. yet, even here, his subjects depict a lack of expression... almost boredom? it's subtly captivating.

{click photo to enlarge} clockwise from top: hotel kyoto - room 211, hotel milan - juul portrait, hotel paris - feline portrait 

you should definitely check out his website for more of his photography series. i especially liked his dawn and dusk series' ~ they're eerily brilliant.

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