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[ stephanie kubo ] drowning

there are some pretty great fashionista-type thangs to buy in the hangookz. one of which is the awesome head-wear. hats, caps, headbands, hair clips, bows, etc. when me and silvy umma gom were shopping in 명동 (myeongdong) a week or two ago, there was this one hair clip that was actually a tiny, doll-sized straw hat. it stayed fastened by clipping it to your hair. so random and adorable and weird. i regret not purchasing it so i may have to go back and get on that.

anyway, this headdress series by stephanie kubo is pretty fun! would you rock any of these looks? i think drowning (above) is my favorite because i'm having this sudden love for all things jellyfeesh (thanks cedric oppa!!! hahaha).

btw. random but. did anyone else think that the front of an octopus' face was actually the back of its head and that they swam backwards all the time? or am i just a dummy by myself on that one?

clockwise from top left: feathered, bouquet, queen, remind

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drowning: click
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