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[ betsy lam ] amnesia (or, amputate that stuff before it gets worse)

i'm not sure if today signals the official start of the korean monsoon season (aka 장마/jangma) but it is pouring out. legitimately pouring. it was only drizzling when me and dubz went to grab food. but after we finished eating BSD 순두부/soondubu, a cloud had clearly ripped open and we ended up soaking wet.

so as i wait for my turn to shower off the seoul acid rain, i figured i'd share some of betsy lam's work from her water girls series. love the colors and simplicity of her work! i envy her skill with watercolor paint... for some reason the quality of these paintings reminds me of atonement, especially the scenes when keira knightley's character was getting ready for dinner. i suppose the watercolor lends a haziness to the piece, reminiscent of swirling cigarette smoke.

left to right: undone, not what you think you want

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