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we've been eating our share of delicious food while living in seoul for the summer. among the many yummiez, we've eaten frypan (aka the best fried chicken tenders EVER), 김치찌개/kimchi jigae (aka kimchi stew) at this hotspot where there's always a wait outside, 부대찌개/boodae jigae (aka army base stew), 떡만두국/dduk mandoo gook (aka rice cake and dumpling soup) and the best 물냉면/moorl naeng myun (aka cold buckwheat noodle soup) in 신촌/sinchon.

my favorite, however, is 삼겹살/sam gyup sal. aka pork butt. ok just kidding. its pork belly. and it is oh-so-delicious. and my absolute favorite korean bbq meat. by far. there are lots of different styles of eating sam gyup sal - but they're all basically the same thang. and they are all yummy yummy yummy yummy good for my tummyyyy!

fell in foodlove with these minibab magnets while in 인사동/insadong today with unnz and umma gom. i had seen them last year but hadn't gotten the website or name of the store. and you can't really take pictures in there so i had to wait a whole year before seeing them again. isnt it so cute? i may have to go back and buy myself the magnet set above, complete with a side of 김치/kimchi as well as 소주/soju - korean alcohol, somewhat similar to vodka, often accompanying korean bbq. though i do have to say, the minibab phone charms are also quite adorablez.

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sam gyup sal and soju magnet set: click
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