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[ bark copenhagen ] waterfront shopping ads

i'm currently watching 키친 aka [in english] the naked kitchen, a korean movie that i've already watched a buncha times. the storyline totally has an "indie film" quality to it that i love. and aesthetically, it's delicate and light and delightful. and the food... oh man, it all looks oh-so-delicious. beautiful presentations. basically the whole movie is yummy for the eyes. and the scenario/premise is interesting/odd/quirky enough to blend well with the movie's aesthetics.

i think i'm going to do a 6picks inspired by the movie next... but for now, here are some fashion/food ads by bark copenhagen for waterfront shopping, a mall in denmark. i am dying over how creative they are. seriously i wanna give these ads a *standing ovation* ~ my fave is the champagne tie above but i do love the pearl spaghetti and eyeshadow brush chopsticks below as well. bravo!

 images via adsoftheworld

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