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[ 6 picks ] in the land of coupledom

i know i've mentioned couple tee's before. well, now that i'm in korea, it's pretty normal to walk around outside and see people wearing couple outfits: head-to-toe matching outfits. and when i'm out shopping, there's pretty much couple gear all over the place. even at stationary stores and stuff. so random!

anywho, i figured i'd share the korean cultural phenomenon that is couple gear. its pretty crajee but kinda funny too. and even though people can go a bit far with it, {{confession}} i feel like it's kind of cute if its minimal. ok dont smack me. on to the designs!

superhero: couple phone charms
by story mate at 10x10
[ im loving this!!!! theres also a batwoman/batman one at stores ]

cute goblin: couple tee
by style stoker
[ i love me a simply fantastic monster, i do ]
couple sneakers: red shoes
by cutiple
[ i love how odd these look ^^ i'd rock ]

troublemaker: couple hoodie
by teepani
[ UHM.... soju couple hoodie? YES PLEASE ]

keyring queen & king: couple keychain
by troika germany
[ it kinda reminds me of king friday from mr. rogers' neighborhood ]

beatles: couple watches
by banc at funhancouple
[ looooooove these watches! peenk for me prease ]

[ links ]
superhero: click
cute goblin: click
couple sneakers: click
troublemaker: click
keyring queen & king: click
beatles: click

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