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[ peter chan ] distant

distant | 2010 | acrylic, ink, pen, soju on moleskin

and distant we are... distant from our families and homes! but we MADE IT. we are officially in korea! and aaron-poo messaged me on facebook and said "welcome home" which was totally awesome and totally appropriate. almost there, though. i'm in 구리 (guri) with jen unnz until we get our place in sinchon (hopefully by next week latest). then i will really be home. but guri is just as good and jen unnz is so awesome for letting us crash at her place for a few days! she is the bestest.

we're in korea so artwork of the day is created using 소주 (soju). aka the best drink on earth. yummmz! even though we drank makkoli today, not soju.

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