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[ 6 picks ] world cup feverrrrr

being in korea for the world cup has been pretty fa-reaking amazing! the day after we arrived to seoul, we went to watch the skorea v. argentina game at coex. it was...... MADNESS. there's just no other word for it. chaotic, crowded craziness. and even tho we lost, it was such a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

so basically, during the world cup in seoul, all the skorea games are broadcast in various viewing areas. there's coex, where we went for the argentina game. and then there's city hall, where we went last night for the skorea v. uruguay game. and theres also olympic stadium. and this floating island on the 한강 (han river). they have a fuge screen projection and ppl just watch the game there. sitting. sometimes in the middle of sidewalk/streets that are shut down. SO...AWESOME. i cant even imagine having people do that (or even want to do that) in the US for the world cup.

even though the red devils' world cup 2010 reign has come to an end, here are some awesome korea world cup tees that i thought you'd all enjoy!

대한민국! (dae han min guk)

[ i love the red devil fingers kekeke ]

world cup t-shirt by myninja!, angry asian man, & wired rebels
[ i SO want one of these... love the design ]

world cup t-shirt by giordano
[ i have the bottom right shirt in red! loooove! ]

{no t-shirt preview available}
world cup t-shirt by reckless
[ designed by my friends at reckless, this is one shekshay tee ]

world cup t-shirt by basic house
[ used to be a fave brand of mine! ]

[ endorsed by big bang + 2ne1 so therefore its awesome hahaha ]

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Elise / 종은 said...

omg I want the one that says dae han min guk with the exclamation point miss you saharrrrr