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[ girl from blue city ] pacman rings

i've been tryyyyyyying to eat more fruit these days. but it's so hit or miss in america whether the fruit will taste good or not. and i am... unfortunately?... quite picky about the taste/texture of the fruits i eat.

we went strawberry-picking in carlsbad (near san diego) and OMG!!! best strawberries ever. it tasted like these strawberries i ate in korea, visiting wifay choi's grandma. so delicious and flavorful! too bad hitting up the supermarket doesn't yield the same results.

speaking of eating fruit, these pacman rings by girl from blue city are really adorable in their simplicity. and - surprise! - they have swarovski crystal eyeballs. which makes them cuter. and funner. and adorabler. can you imagine wearing four of the ghosts in a row - all on one hand? fashionably quirky aka my kinda style!! do itttt!

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