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[ tetsuo shibuya ] tube doorstop

my fingers have started getting restless. i'm the kind of person who can't just draw when there's nothing to draw. i doodle well enough when i'm bored, and i could probably paint though. in fact i have lots i want to paint. but no painting studio or inner sanctuary in which i can be as messy as i need. so i have to draw. but i haven't been. and i think it's time i started. about time.

and since i can't paint at the moment, i could buy a paint door stopper or two to keep the dream alive. or to act as a reminder? either way, i think these are pretty awesome. and they come in handy around our house because, if we don't turn on the a/c but open up windows instead, all the doors upstairs tend to slam shut. our house is perfectly situated to take in every gust of wind that may be blowing by.

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tube doorstop: click
at generate design: click
awesomely animated at plus-d: click

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