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[ another empire ] balloon dog brooch

im home from work today cus i don't feel good :( but that means more time for blogging! and of course, since my grandparents are out, my doggie suzzy is following me EVERYWHERE. seriously. if i get up to go to the bathroom, she'll be there at the door when i open it. she's such a little dork.

anyway! another empire has a bunch of really cool/simple acrylic brooches. anyone else feel like acrylic jewelry is super in now? i really like the balloon dogs (above). but the ampersand and carousel horse are cool too!

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Caden said...

What are broaches??

Another Empire said...

Thanks so much for featuring our work! I put a link to your blog from our website (

Caden: They're little badges or pins that you can wear on your jackets/clothes or bags. A quick way to jazz up your outfits :)

We heart brooches :)

x Em

sraSEOULee said...

yayy!!! love love love your work :D