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[ kimchi blue ] sailor one piece

this blogpost is wishful thinking in oh-so-many ways. first off, i'm not skinny enough to wear this. i mean, even when i'm my normal weight, my proportions are off and i can't wear one piece bathing suits. my bum is just way bigger than my chest area, no matter how fat or skinny i am. second, the weather sucks. its been raining for days and chilly out for days. not that i'm complaining perse. its just that, now that our pool has been uncovered, i wish i could at least sit outside and enjoy it? bbq? read a book? have an allergy attack from the pollen? play the banjo? maybe not the last one, but only cus i don't have a banjo.

these bathing suits at uo are super fun. i saw lots of a few bathing suits like this at top shop. it's the "in" thing w/ bathing suits this season, i'd say. this one's especially adorkable cus it's all nautical and olden-day looking. but with a bit of a twist. i like the buttons.

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sailor one piece - striped: click
sailor one piece - solid: click
uo: click

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